Connect / disconnect your school’s social media accounts

 1. Go to Site Management > Settings 

2. On the Settings page, click the Social link to go to the Social tab.

3. Click on the Connect buttons.

You can connect multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts along with Facebook pages under those accounts.
If one or both of the Connect buttons are missing, turn off ad blockers and refresh the page.
Alternatively, in the future, if you have your account(s) connected already, click on the Manage Accounts button in Social Media Manager to quickly jump to Settings and manage your existing accounts or connect new accounts.

4. Authorizing Edlio to post to your Twitter account or Facebook page.

For Twitter, enter your login info and click "Authorize App" to allow Edlio CMS to use your account when you post from Social Media.
For Facebook, if you're already logged in you will be asked to continue with the same account while authorizing Edlio CMS to access your Facebook page(s). 
If you want to use a different Facebook account, try logging out first, and then click Connect Page button from Step 3 and login to the new account.

5. You are now ready to post.

Click Social Media Manager link and start posting messages.