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COVID-19 Form Template - Complete Guide

We know you have a lot to juggle with school coming back in session and all the new protocols being put in place. 
Quickly capture symptom information from students, teachers and visitors to campus using your Edlio website. Here's how to use Edlio features to collect and track what you need.

Create a COVID-19 survey

1. Go to Forms. Select "Start with Template" and choose "COVID-19 Template" in the language you'd like the form to be in.
2. Edit the form to fit your state and local requirements. 
COVID-19 Template is designed to help you get started quickly by adding common screener questions for you. Every state and region has different specifications. Please consult your district and/or state's requirements and adjust the form to fit your needs.
3. Save the form. Then change the link so it's easy to remember.
4. Modify Form Options to align with your procedures.
  • In the "Behavior" tab, a "Thank you page message" has been entered to get you started. 
  • Consider checking "submit another response" to allow parents to easily fill out the form again for another child.

Share your COVID-19 survey with parents and visitors

1. Add a link to the form on the school's website in one or more of these ways:
2. Alert parents using the School News app by Edlio:
  • Ask parents to download the app, add your school and allow notifications.
  • Each morning create an App Alert that includes the form link. Parents will receive the alert as a push notification.
3. Create a Broadcast (available as an add-on for Edlio Websites):
  • Import parents and staff to a Contact List in the CMS, including mobile phone and email address.
  • Send a Broadcast the link to the form in a text message and email.

Process Responses

1. Designate a staff member to track the form.
2. Every morning, keep an eye on form responses and reach out to any individuals to gather additional details if needed.
3. At the end of the day, download a csv of responses for record keeping then delete all responses to the form (keep the form itself).