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User Account Privilege Breakdown

i)        OSP/OTR/OMS User Role Summary


When users are created in the OSP Management Portal, they are designated to specific roles such as Administrator, Bookkeeper, Teacher, Principal, Auditor, and Purchaser.  These roles have specific security access throughout the program. 


  • OSP Administrators – This role is limited to central office staff, for heightened access to all schools. Administrators can drill down to the bookkeeper and teacher level at all sites. They can also run reports at the individual school level and district wide summary level. If the school district does not use a LDAP/SSO solution, Administrators can also make user accounts


  • Bookkeeper – This user role is meant for the person in charge of an individual school’s finances. They will have “school-wide” access for all info regarding OSP credit cards and OTR cash/check sales, including both activity and product setup plus all related sales reports and deposit reports. Bookkeepers can create Teachers. Bookkeepers can also drill down into each teacher’s transaction history to see what is being receipted and batched. If a mistake is made, a Bookkeeper can void a teacher’s receipt and redo as needed. Should a teacher fail to complete their steps for receipting, Bookkeepers will be emailed automatically after 24-72 hours to let them know what is outstanding. If available, Bookkeepers may also do a school-wide batch through the SAF software.


  • Teacher – Teachers include sponsors and coaches. For OSP, teachers get a “read-only access” level. Essentially, they will get confirmation when their product is created and approved for use. When an OSP transaction completes, they will also get a copy of the receipt. For OTR, teachers will also be able to login into the OTR functionality to receipt payments made via cash/check plus batch them for end of day. Teachers do not see deposit info.


  • Principal – This user role is meant for read-only access to only their school for both OSP credit card and OTR cash and check sales. It can also be used in conjunction as the “approver” in our workflow process to approve activities and products for sale. Principals do see deposit info.


  • Auditor – This user role is limited for central office staff with read-only access to all sites. They can see both OSP credit card sales and any OTR cash/check sales.


  • Purchaser – Parent/guardian level access to the public facing store to make online credit card purchases. Cannot access internal site where school staff login. Purchaser accounts are created separately by the actual parent/guardian when making a purchase just like you would expect on an external site.  These accounts only have access to the public-facing storefront where purchases are made.  The parents do not have security access to the management portal as access to this is maintained by the district.



Please note:


This list is for comparison only and is accurate at the time of this document’s writing. These tables may not reflect the latest upgrades to OSP or for when certain districts have more customized options.


Individual users may have multiple levels access at once which will significantly expand their privileges. A common example is that OMS and OTR user accounts are typically used in conjunction with either the Bookkeeper or Teacher roles. For instance, a user can be both a Bookkeeper and OTR, or a Teacher and OMS simultaneously. This is very normal and should be expected.