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Features » Sangha » Add Sangha calendars to pages

Add Sangha calendars to pages

You can show Sangha calendars on your Edlio website. You can even show different calendars on different pages by repeating this process for each page.
First, select the calendars you wish to display and then use the provided code to embed it on a page. Detailed instructions:

1. Go to Sangha

2. Select classes by checking their names

The events for these classes will show in the calendar embed.

3. Click "Share this calendar"

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see this link.

4. Copy the iframe code

5. Go to your Edlio admin area

6. Go to the page where you wish to share the calendar

7. Add a new content block

8. Click "Source Code"

9. Paste the iframe code and click OK

The calendars you selected in step 2 will be visible here in the Edlio admin area and on your website.