Accessibility + Your Edlio Site [Live Edlio Webinar]

Accessibility + Your Edlio Site [Live Edlio Webinar]
7/10/2024, 10:30 AM 11:00 AM


Join us for this informative webinar where we'll delve into the best practices for enhancing the accessibility of your Edlio site. We'll explore Edlio's built-in tools that empower you to manage your site's content accessibility with ease. Our expert guide will cover:

- Accessible website designs: Implement color contrast principles, link styling techniques, and other design elements in Pages that cater to all users.

- Alt text settings and SEO tools: Craft descriptive alt text for images, ensuring that visually impaired users can access your site's content effectively.

- Inclusive site navigation: Design an intuitive and user-friendly navigation system that accommodates all users, regardless of their abilities.

- Accessibility beyond the basics: Discover additional strategies and tools for creating a truly inclusive online experience for your entire community.

Come prepared with any questions you may have about your Edlio site. We'll be actively monitoring the chat and answering your questions throughout the webinar.

Together, we can make your Edlio site a welcoming and accessible space for everyone.


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