Urgent Communication Guide

Your website can be a key component of your emergency communication plan by serving as the main source of information. We’ve compiled this guide to be a quick reference for how to accomplish this on your Edlio Website.

Communicating Urgent Information: An Edlio Website Guide


Create a page on your website that will serve as the central information source. 


Create paths to this page from your homepage. You have multiple options:

  • News - Most Edlio Websites feature News as a key component of the homepage. Create a News item (use a clear headline such as “Important updates on COVID-19”) and link it to your page.
  • Homepage Alert - On your News item, opt to make it a Homepage Alert.
  • Homepage Widget - Add a sticky button to your homepage that links to your page.


Go beyond your homepage to reach families:

  • Newsletters - All Edlio Websites include unlimited email sending. Send your important updates directly to parents and staff.
  • School News App - Your News items will automatically be added to the School News App feed, but you can also opt to create push notifications.
  • Broadcast - a multi-channel message delivery platform. Districts and schools can quickly reach out to parents or other interested parties about news and events in and around the school and classroom. Broadcasts delivers messages to cell phones, landlines, email addresses, and can even help you post to your social media feeds and School News App.
  • Edlio Access - Create news and send out notifications to all users of your school’s app.

Keep your central information page updated and repeat steps 2 and 3 as needed.

Teachers: Keep Your Pages Current

Your teacher and class pages can play an important role in making sure parents and students know how classes may be affected. Use your page to tell them about assignments and how to reach you with questions.