[Edlio Access] 📱 Overall App Updates 💬

Conversation Updates
  • Ability to search for parents using student’s name - When a user types in a students name and there is a relationship tied to the student, the relationships will populate as people a user can add to the conversation. 
Conversation Search 3
  • Search - We have added the ability to search within conversations to find a a specific message or person involved. 
Conversation Search 2
  • Dashboard - We have added a preset list of inappropriate keywords so an admin no longer needs to manually input a large list of inappropriate words to flag within conversations.
Preset List Settings
Hall Pass
  • Notifications - now allows designated people to receive emails when a student’s hall pass expires without checking back in. There is an option to “Notify issuing teacher on expiration” and/or "add additional emails" to send notifications to.
Hall Pass
  • Issuing Hall Passes - The process for issuing hall passes has changed. When a teacher is logged into the app, they have the ability to select any student and issue a hall pass without needing a Security PIN. The Security PIN will only be needed to issue a hall pass without logging into the app. 
Hall Pass
  • We have reformatted the “My ID” feature to be used for any identity. This feature will be prepopulated now based on the logged in user's credentials.  
New Theme Builder
  •  Multi Color icons - There is now a new checkbox in the new theme builder “Use multi-color icons”. If checked, this will allow for multicolor icons to be uploaded within the app. The checkbox is located within App builder -> New Theme Builder -> Settings -> Use multi-color icons
New Theme BuilderNew Theme Builder
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