[Edlio Access] 💬 Version 10.2.0 Updates 🔎

More Contrast in the Newsfeed
  • The app newsfeed experienced a UI change in which the default background color in the newsfeed is now a shade darker and the tile color is a shade brighter in order to highlight the difference between the background and the newsfeed items.
Contrast difference
Conversation Updates
  • Name - Above each conversations message we have added the name of the sender so it is easier to tell who sent a message within a group message. 
Conversation Name
  • Push Notification - In an iOS Push Notification a conversation will now be indicated by a chat bubble icon in front of the conversation’s name. The user's name who sent the message will now also show in the push notifications. Please note: This screenshot is for iOS, we did not change Android as there is already a native message dropdown feature within Android Push Notifications for messages.Push Notification
  • Added the ability to clear all notification badge icons. The “clear notifications” button/text will show underneath the school selector when there are associated notifications badges. Please note: The “clear notifications” text will not show if there are no notification badges.
Clear Notifications

App Dashboard Changes

 Search Target Lists
  • Created the ability to search target lists for easier selection throughout the dashboard. Please note, this will use the typical type ahead function found throughout the dashboard. Search feature
Hall Pass
  • We changed the hall pass functionality so teachers can now issue hall passes to students without a connected device through the app dashboard.
Directory Name Sorting
  • Added the ability for you to choose whether to sort your schools directory by Last Name or First Name. This is within the directory feature in the dashboard Directory > Settings > General Settings. Sorting feature
Changing Manual Classroom Name
  • Changing a classroom name that your school manually imported will now change the associated target list name as long as that target list only has one classroom associated.