Features » Photos » Add an album and upload photos

Add an album and upload photos

The Photos page displays your albums. 

1. Navigate to Photos

2. You can add photos to the main photo album or create a new album.

If you create a new album you'll be prompted to upload photos to it.

3. Edit the album

You can view all the photos in the album, enter a description for the album and edit the photos in bulk.

4. Edit a photo

Click on any photo to add an Alt tag for accessibility, add a caption and rotate the image.

5. You can use the breadcrumbs to return to the Main photo album.

6. Manage albums

You can create multiple albums and create albums within albums. The X next to the album name deletes the album. The R let's you rename the album. Click any album name to see its contents.

Demo of creating an album and adding pictures with alt text.

Go to Photos. Create an album. Upload photo. Add Alt text.