Features » Staff Directory » Add / remove a user from the staff directory

Add / remove a user from the staff directory

1. Go to User Management

2. Search or scroll on the page to find the person you would like to add / remove from a staff directory

3. Once you find the user, click on the name to go to individual user's profile page.

4. Click "Edit Profile"

5. To hide/show the user in the main Staff Directory (visible at /apps/staff) check or uncheck one of the "School Staff" user types.

There are also Staff lists that appear in sections in Pages. To hide/show a user in a Page section check or uncheck the "Staff" box for the appropriate section under Categories & Sections.
Section staff lists are independent of the main Staff Directory. Users can be on a section staff list without being on the main Staff Directory and visa versa.

6. At the bottom of the page, click on "Save"