Features » Staff Directory » Add / remove a user from the staff directory

Add / remove a user from the staff directory

1. Go to User Management

2. Search or scroll on the page to find the person you would like to add / remove from a staff directory

3. Once you find the user, click on the name to go to individual user's profile page.

4. Click "Edit Profile"

5. To hide/show the user in the main Staff Directory (visible at /apps/staff) check or uncheck one of the "School Staff" user types.

There are also Staff lists that appear in sections in Pages. To hide/show a user in a Page section check or uncheck the "Staff" box for the appropriate section under Categories & Sections.
Section staff lists are independent of the main Staff Directory. Users can be on a section staff list without being on the main Staff Directory and visa versa.
You can also build staff directories using staff blocks in Pages.

6. At the bottom of the page, click on "Save"