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Supported browsers

Edlio products and websites only support the latest two major browser versions released (most modern browsers now have robust self-updating mechanisms), OR any browser version that is used = / > 5% of total usage in our systems in the last three calendar months.

As of January 2022, the latest 2 major versions of these browsers are currently supported for Edlio Admin site and Edlio public websites: Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge.

Not sure which browser version you have? Go to to find out.
Browser versions that are several years old are bound to have known or unknown security holes. Modern browsers are continually being patched for security issues. Upgrading to the newest browser version helps ensure your browsing experience is as secure as possible.

Note: We do not support browsers that have any extensions installed or compatibility modes. 


What will happen if I don't upgrade my browser?

Even though Edlio will do its best to make newly-developed features, improvements and bug fixes work across all browsers, some old browsers will not cooperate. We will not be investigating or trying to fix bugs reported only for these old browsers, therefore some things may look and act differently (unusual) if you're using unsupported browsers. Additionally, newly developed features are targeted to the newest browser versions. Therefore, unsupported browser users might miss out on the new and exciting development at Edlio.