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Using Edlio nameservers

The best way to use an Edlio website is to use Edlio's nameservers to host your DNS records, including any MX (email) records.

Edlio uses a fantastic 3rd-party provider, DNS Made Easy, to run our nameservers. This means 100% uptime due to geographically redundant servers—which also makes your website fast!

Time and time again we've seen clients' DNS nameservers go down, either when using a domain registrar like GoDaddy or when a school or district is self-hosting their DNS records. Our other websites stay up, and we'd love to help you keep yours running.

To set up using our nameservers, do the following:

  1. If you have an existing website or email at your domain name (e.g. [email protected]) then first you must copy down those existing records to avoid any interruption to your online services.
  2. Next, contact your project manager with these existing records and let us know you want to switch to Edlio's nameservers so we can prepare everything on our end.
  3. Once we've given you the go-ahead from Step 2, update your domain registrar to point to Edlio's nameservers: