How to subscribe

To receive automated email updates, parents and guardians need to subscribe to their teachers and classes on the public website. 
Personal Pages and Classes are subscribed to on an individual basis so that followers can personalize the updates they receive to be most relevant to them.
A parent needs to subscribe to each personal page and class separately:
  • Subscribing to one class does NOT subscribe them to the teacher's other classes.
  • Subscribing to a teacher's personal page does NOT subscribe them to that teacher's classes.
  • Subscribing to a class does NOT subscribe them to the teacher's personal pages.

Subscribe to a Personal Page

To subscribe, click "Subscribe" button on a teacher/staff member's Personal Pages.

Subscribe to a Class

To subscribe, click the "Subscribe" button on a class.

Subscribe to your personal page

1. Direct them to your page.

Method A: Have people find and click on your name in the Staff Directory on the school's website.

This takes them to your personal pages.
If you are a teacher or staff, it is likely that your name is listed in the Staff Directory. 

Method B: Send people the direct website link for your personal page.

To find what that link is, login to your Edlio admin site, then go to Pages. Copy the Link to public site and share it with your parents and students.

2. Instruct parents and students to click the Subscribe button.

3. They will be prompted to enter some information about themselves, such as their name and email, before subscribing.

Once subscribed, they will receive an email each day you update your personal page(s).

Subscribe to your classes

1. Direct them to your page, as above.

2. Instruct them to click on the name of the class.

3. Once on the class page click the subscribe button.

Each class has its own subscribe button. To subscribe to multiple classes, click the subscribe button on each class separately.