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Login Security

The security and availability of our Edlio websites is our top priority. Our development and support teams diligently work behind the scenes to ensure your Edlio user account is secure and your public website is protected.

ReCAPTCHA on Login Pages

On your Edlio admin site and website’s password-protected area login pages, Google’s ReCAPTCHA adds as an extra layer of security. This helps us verify that you are the one logging into your account.

ReCAPTCHA will not be added to the login process if your website administrator has set up Google or Azure/Office365 Single Sign-on (SSO) on your Edlio user account.

Strong Password Criteria

We enforce industry-standard criteria for strong passwords during the Edlio login process. Passwords are required to access your admin account and password-protected pages on your Edlio website.

All new passwords must meet the following criteria:

  • Be at least 12 characters
  • Include at least one number
  • Include at least one symbol
  • Include at least one uppercase letter
  • Not contain your name, username, or school name
  • Not be a commonly used password or a dictionary word
If your website administrator has set up Google or Azure SSO on your Edlio user account, these rules may not apply as passwords are created outside of the Edlio platform.
For users logging in with LDAP, credentials that use common passwords (such as “password,” “1234567890,” or “qwertyuiop”) will need to be reset in order to log into Edlio.

Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication (also known as 2FA or MFA) is a method of providing two different pieces of information to allow you to login more safely. After 2FA is enabled, users who attempt to login they will verify they are the correct individual by providing their password and a six digit code generated by an app. 
You can enable two-factor authentification for your account from your profile page. Learn more about 2FA.