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What happened to my dropdown?

If you previously connected your websites and now when you log in the multisite dropdown is missing, you may be logging in to a different account than the one that was originally connected.
This would happen if you were logged in with the admin username when you connected websites but are now logged in with a different username.
If you wish to use and connect a different username on the district/main website instead, here is how to change it.

First, disconnect the sites from the username you no longer wish to be connected:

  1. Log into the district/main site using the username that is currently connected. (In our example above, that's the admin username.)
  2. Go to Manage Websites.
  3. Disconnect all connected sites.

Then make sure the new username you wish to use has Multisite Management:

  1. If you are not already logged in with the admin username, do so now.
  2. Go to Site Management --> User Management.
  3. Click on the new username and then click Edit Profile.
  4. Scroll down to User Type then Administrators. Under the Website Administrators checkbox check the box for Multisite Management. (The username you wish to use must be a website administrator in order to have Multisite Management.)

Last, connect the new username to the sites:

  1. Log out from admin username.
  2. Log in using the new username.
  3. You'll now see the dropdown. Go to Manage Websites and connect the websites.