Features » SIS Integration » Link Multiple SIS Accounts to a CMS Account

Link Multiple SIS Accounts to a CMS Account

You need to setup multiple SIS accounts to one CMS account if:

  • You are a Single-site district: One website for district and multiple schools
  • You have multiple SIS accounts for the same school. For example: Summer School, After school program, etc. 


1. Setup SIS integration

Follow instructions for SIS integration. 


2. Click "New SIS Connection" 

After you have mapped your school/s to SIS account/s, you can now create new SIS connections


3. Enter a name for the new connection


4. Select which account this new connection belongs to (DWS only)

Note: Only for districts with District Wide Solution (DWS): independent CMS accounts for each school. If you are a single school, or a single-site district, this option will simply default to your only CMS account.  


5. Map new connection to appropriate SIS account. Click Save and Connect


New connection will allow you to pull contact information from the correct source when using Contact Lists