Password-Protected Areas Overview

With Password-Protected Areas you can restrict access to certain areas of your website.
You can think of Password-Protected Areas like this:
  • The password-protected area is a locked file cabinet drawer.
  • The pages and features you add to the password-protected area are the papers you add to the drawer.
  • When you give a user access to the password-protected area it's like giving the person a key to the drawer.
  • You can have multiple filing cabinets, multiple files in each drawer, and multiple people with keys to a single drawer.
To set up password protection:

Common Questions

Are there limitations to what pages and content we can make password protected?

We can password protect any page URL on the site, however we can't password protect specific files like PDFs, such as with homework assignments. We can protect the class page, but those PDFs could still be accessible through Google or through their site search so it's not recommended if you want the content hidden.

How long will a user stay logged into a password protected page?

For public site logins, the system is currently using ‘session’ cookies, which will keep the user logged in as long as the browser is running. This is different than the admin site logins, which are currently set for 90 minute sessions.