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Importing SIS Data into Edlio Contact Lists

1. Navigate to Contact Lists from your Edlio Admin Dashboard.
2. Locate the list you want to work on.
3. You can also create a new custom list. If that is the case, please click the "New List" button and name your list.
4. Click on an entire table row or the pencil icon on the righthand side to select the contact list where you will import the SIS data.
Please keep in mind that you can still add single subscribers manually or import using a .CSV file as described in this help article.
5. To proceed with SIS import, select the "Add in bulk" button.
6. Select "Import from Aeries" or "Import from Powerschool" from the dropdown.
7. In the next screen, please set a search criteria that fits the purpose of your contact list.
The left side of the screen has some fields such as grade, class, enrollment date and birth date of the student. For example, you may search for parent or guardian contact information for students enrolled in 3rd and 4th grade.
The right side of the screen is used to search for matches like ID, name, email and phone number. For example, you may search for parent or guardian contact information for students whose last name is Smith.
8. Click on the blue button bottom of the screen labeled "Search parents/guardians".
9. The system will give a number count for the contacts found. It will also give a warning if any contacts have errors such as invalid emails or empty phone number or email fields. The system will not import the contacts that result in error.
10. Edlio advises schools/districts to create multiple smaller size contact lists rather than one very large size contact list, as it will be difficult to break down a very large size contact list into smaller pieces later. However, if you create smaller lists, you can create as many as you like and bundle them up later.
11. If you are satisfied with this list, you can move forward by selecting the "Add new contacts" option.
12. If you are importing data to a list that already has existing contact data and you want to avoid duplicates, select "Remove existing contacts and replace them with the new ones."
13. To finish, click the blue "Import Contacts" button.
Contact lists can be used in many communication modules in the Edlio platform. To see how to use contact lists, please visit  the Email Sender, Text Alerts and Voice Alerts articles.