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Using your own nameservers (Canada)

These instructions are for customers in Canada only!
If you are not a Canadian customer, please refer to these instructions for using your own nameservers instead.


If you've decided against using Edlio's nameservers, then you'll want to update your nameserver records as below.


  1. You must use a CNAME like below for your primary address.
  2. You must enter all four A records for bare domains.

Here are the records you should need. If you are a district, you should follow this pattern though it's best to talk with our support team before setup.

The [School / District ID] prefix should be unique to your school and should come from our Support Team.

Record type Hostname Record value TTL
A @ (or blank) 1800
A @ (or blank) 1800
A @ (or blank) 1800
A @ (or blank) 1800
CNAME www. [School / District ID] 1800
CNAME admin. [School / District ID] 1800