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Broadcasts Settings

Broadcasts is a multi-channel message delivery platform. Districts and schools can quickly reach out to parents or other interested parties about news and events in and around the school and classroom. Broadcasts delivers messages to cell phones, landlines, email addresses, your school's mobile app, and your school's social media accounts.


On this page, you'll see your quota from the start of your billing cycle, how much you've used, and the remaining amount. The date of your next renewal is also displayed here. If you need to buy more credits, please reach out to your Client Success Specialist or our Support Team.

By ticking the checkbox, you can set email, text, voice, or push notifications to be enabled by default when creating a new Broadcast. You can also configure the default language preference for Broadcasts here.

Contact Priority Order

Using the dropdown menu, select your preferred order for email addresses and phone numbers. Broadcasts will select the first non-empty email address or phone number from the contact list based on the priority order that is saved in your settings.

Verified email 

Verified email addresses will be listed here. Before sending a Broadcast via the email channel, you can also configure your email address in this section.

Caller ID

For voice messages, you have the option to configure the caller ID. You can set it to display your school's number here.
If you are setting the caller ID to a school number that accepts an extension, you can include your extension number here. If the call with an extension doesn't complete, it may be because your school's phone system needs a delay before the extension dial. In this case, include the "w" character in front of the extension number to add a 0.5 second delay. For example, if your extension is "1234" and you need to add a 3 second delay, then you should input "wwwwww1234" into the extension field.