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Connect / disconnect your school's Facebook & Instagram account

To use Edlio's Broadcast or Social Media Manager to post to Instagram, your school and/or district Instagram accounts must be associated with a Facebook Page. Learn how to connect an Instagram account to a Facebook Page.

Connect Edlio to Facebook & Instagram

1. Go to Site Management --> Settings. Click on the Social Tab.

2. Click on "Connect Facebook Page or Instagram".

3. Click "Add Account" and then log into Facebook. 

If you wish to post to Instagram, log into the Facebook account with the Facebook Page that is associated with Instagram.

4. Follow the prompts to select the Instagram Account(s) and Page(s) you wish to post to from Edlio.

What if I don't see my school or district's Instagram account?
Before an Instagram account will be shown here, the following must be true:

5. Enable permissions and click "Done"

If you wish to post to Instagram, you must enable all the permissions.
After following the prompts on Facebook, you'll be returned to your Edlio admin site.

6. Select Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts and click "Connect."

If a Facebook Page is associated with an Instagram account, the Instagram account will be displayed below the page name.

View Connected Facebook & Instagram Accounts

All of your connected Social Media accounts are displayed in Settings on the Social tab.
The hierarchy of the connected accounts is:
  • Facebook account
    • This account's Facebook Pages, if connected to Edlio
      • This Facebook Page's Instagram account, if connected to Edlio

Disconnect Facebook & Instagram

Click trash can icon to disconnect account or page

Disconnecting a Facebook account will disconnect its Facebook Pages and their associated Instagram accounts.
Disconnecting a Facebook Page will disconnect its associated Instagram account.