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Guide on creating .csv files

What is a .csv file?

CSV (short for comma-separated values) is basically the plain text version of a spreadsheet, where the data from each row is stored in lines separated by commas rather than in a table with columns.

Why does Edlio accept .csv files when uploading data to the system?

This is a standard file type used by many systems to format spreadsheet data, making it the best choice for contact lists.

How do I create a .csv file to upload my recipients?

Most student information systems (SIS) include an export to .csv option, but you will still need to make sure the needed data is in the first column. Open the .csv file in a spreadsheet program such as MS Excel:
  1. Each row should contain only the needed data.
    • For Text Alerts and Voice Messaging, keep the phone numbers.
    • For Email Sender, keep the email addresses.
  2. All other columns should be deleted. 
  3. Please keep the header row. Headers will help us recognize the content in them.
  4. Click on File and choose Save As.
  5. Choose File Format “Comma Separated Values (.csv).” Click Save. You may see a pop-up warning that this file type only saves the active worksheet. Click OK or Continue.

I uploaded my .csv file and there are errors.

Text Alerts and Voice Messaging

First, confirm the file contains only phone numbers. Then check for incorrectly formatted phone numbers. Each number must include an area code. The accepted phone number formats are:

  • 3105550123
  • (310) 555-0123
  • 310-555-0123
  • 310.555.0123
  • 1-310-555-0135

Email Sender

First, confirm the file contains only email addresses. Then check for incorrectly formatted email addresses. Please ensure each email has this format: