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My Edlio Webinars

Year-round training opportunities

Edlio hosts a couple of webinars each month, including refresher courses for new staff! Each webinar will be short and concise, about 30 minutes long, and will cover a variety of topics for both teachers and admins. Remember to bring your questions, as each webinar includes a Q&A session at the end. Can't decide which webinar to attend? Try a few! Each webinar will be self-contained, so you can attend one or attend them all (we won't judge). 

How to join

Check the calendar below for our upcoming webinars. Each has a link to a registration page so we can send all of the info directly to your inbox, complete with links to add to your own calendar.

Upcoming Webinars

Edlio General Refresher Webinar
Date: 11/9/2018, 12:30 PM 1 PM
Edlio Accessibility Webinar
Date: 10/26/2018, 12:30 PM 1 PM
Edlio Pages Upgrades Webinar
Date: 10/12/2018, 12:30 PM 1 PM
Improving Communication with Sangha Webinar
Date: 9/21/2018, 12:30 PM 1 PM