Newsletters for your staff

All teachers and staff who can log into your website's admin area can use Newsletters.

Who can use Newsletters?

√  All user accounts marked as School Staff (Other Employees, School Administrators and Teachers) can access Newsletters.
√  Website Administrators can send newsletters from their own email address in addition to the organization's.
X  Other user types and accounts without a user type designation can NOT access Newsletters.

Who will recipients see as the sender?

Newsletters sent through the Newsletters feature by teachers and staff will be from their email address as set in Profile.
Website Administrators can also send newsletters from your organization's email address. Admins set up the additional email address in Manage Setup. When you send an newsletter as a web admin, you'll have the option to select whether the newsletter comes from your email address or the organization's.

As website administrator, can I see what newsletters my staff sent?

Yes, website administrators can search for any newsletters sent through the Newsletters feature.
You will only be able to see newsletters your teachers and staff send through the Newsletters feature. You will not be able to use the Newsletters feature to see emails they send through another email service.