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Use your school's Facebook developer accounts

Due to recent changes in Facebook’s policies, it is now required to have a Facebook developer account to post to your Facebook page from a third party. Not to worry! The set up is simple and easy.
  1. Register your Facebook account as a developer account
  2. Create an "app" in Facebook (This produces a unique key used for posting from Edlio.)
  3. Add your school's developer account credentials in the Edlio CMS

Register your Facebook account as a developer account

You must be logged in as a page administrator to start the process.

1. Go to https://developers.facebook.com/ to sign up

2. Click the Get Started link to register your account. Choose Developer when prompted.

Create an "app" in Facebook

The purpose of the app is to produce a key unique to you that will allow you to post from the Edlio CMS.

1. Choose Create First App

2. Give the app the name of your school or district and enter the contact email for your website administrator.

3. Once you are in the app dashboard, on the left hand column, click Settings and select Basic. When prompted, select the platform Website.

4. You will then enter the required information in the Basic Settings page:


  • Display Name - This will be the name of your school or district

  • Namespace - The same as display name, only without capital letters or spaces

  • App Domain - This will be your school or district’s admin site link (ex. schoolname.edlioadmin.com)

  • Contact Email - Your webmaster’s email

  • Privacy Policy URL & Terms of Service URL - You will need to create a page in the Pages module on the CMS named Privacy Policy & Terms of Service. This can be in its own section and can be left unlinked, so that it is left invisible to the public. At times, the page will be seen by Facebook as inaccessible. Should this happen, you can debug the URL at https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/sharing/

  • App Icon - This can be the logo for your school or district, though it will need to have the dimensions of 512 x 512 or 1024x1024

  • Category - Choose Education

  • Business Use - Choose the Support My Own Business option

  • Individual Verification Status - Facebook allows for up to 200 API calls a day, which means you will be able to request your page, once per every time the site is accessed by users if it is embedded, or post to your page 200 times. You will also need to go through the verification process to request the permissions necessary to connect, manage, and post to your pages. 


The only other any section you will need to complete on this page is the Data Protection Officer Contact Information section at the bottom.

5. Once the fields are filled out, you will be able to take your app live! This is done by flipping the toggle near the top of the page from off to on.

6. The last step in the process is to request permissions. On the left hand column, access the items under App Review and select Permissions and Features. You will need to be in development mode in order to request these permissions.

The seven permissions you will need to request are:

  • pages_read_engagement
  • pages_show_list
  • pages_manage_posts

These require verification, so if you have not gone through the process, you will have to do so at this point.

Once these permissions are set, you will be ready to start posting from the CMS! The pertinent information you will need is in the top section of the Basis Settings page, App ID and App Secret.


Add your school's developer account credentials in the Edlio CMS

1. Open a tab and log into the CMS, go to Site Navigation --> Settings --> Social

If you already have Facebook accounts connected, you'll see a warning "Facebook accounts must be disconnected before changing developer accounts" above the app ID & secret. Disconnect the Facebook accounts before entering your ID & secret.

2. Enter App ID & App Secret from Facebook app:

  1. Enter the API ID under Facebook App ID
  2. Enter the API Secret key under Facebook App Secret
  3. Click Save developer accounts button
You'll see the message "Site Facebook keys in use" indicating success.

Remember to reconnect any Facebook accounts that were disconnected and Save developer accounts again.
Schools in a district can use the district's Facebook developer keys. District admin can go through this process on the district's Edlio website and then the schools will default to using the district keys.

If you don't provide your own key & secret (either on the school site or the district site), the Social Media Manager will try to use Edlio's developer account to post to Facebook on your behalf. When that's the case you'll see the message "Edlio Facebook keys in use."