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Troubleshooting: Instagram Posts


Image or Video was not posted to Instagram
After posting a message to Instagram, there is a warning "Oops, your message did not post. Please try again!"


While there are various reasons this error may be displayed, the most common one is that Instagram failed to accept the video or image for this post.
Instagram has very strict rules for media formats. A video or image that posts just fine to Facebook may be rejected by Instagram. 
The most important difference between acceptable media formats between Instagram and other platforms is the orientation of videos.
Instagram only allows videos with landscape orientation (video is shorter than it is wide).
Specifically, the video must have a minimum aspect ratio of 4/5 and a maximum aspect ratio of 16/9. And the video cannot be wider than 1920 pixels.


Upload a video with landscape orientation that fits Instagram's formatting requirements.

Option 1: Rotate Video

Rotate is an option available while editing videos on Apple and Android photo apps. While you can use this to make a video landscape orientation, it will tilt your video 90°. Depending on the content of the video, this may be an acceptable solution.

Option 2: Crop Video to Landscape orientation

To change the orientation of a video without rotating it you'll need to use a movie editing software such as iMovie for Mac or Clipchamp for Windows.