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Update to Twitter's Icon in Links

In our continued effort to align with the latest web standards and branding guidelines, we've made an update to the Twitter icon in the Links feature. You may have noticed a shift from the familiar bird symbol to a new 'X' icon. This change is a direct reflection of Twitter's recent branding update. We understand you might have some questions about this transition, and we're here to help. In the article below, we've addressed some of the most frequently asked questions about this icon change.

What is the X icon?

Twitter is now X and the X icon is the new official brand representation. Twitter, now X, has updated its branding guidelines and this icon now represents the platform instead of the previous bird icon.
x logo

What happened to the bird icon?

The bird icon was the previous representation of Twitter. The social media platform recently made brand changes and introduced the X icon as its new symbol. In order to comply with its guidelines, we have updated the icon in the Links feature.

Is it possible to revert to the old Twitter logo featuring the bird?

As per Twitter's new branding rules, third party sites and applications must use the X icon to represent Twitter, now X.

The new icon seems out of place in my site's social media section. How can I address this?

We understand that changes can sometimes disrupt the design aesthetics. If you feel the X icon isn't integrating well with your site's design, please reach out to your Client Success Specialist or the Support Team. They can provide you with other options to ensure a harmonious look.

I haven't seen an update to my icon, but I'd like one.

If your Twitter icon hasn't automatically updated to the new X icon, please reach out to your Client Success Specialist or the Support Team