Making your website's content more accessible using features in the admin site

  1. Web pages should have titles that describe topic or purpose.
  2. Every non-text element (images, videos, audio files, plug-ins, etc.) should have an ALT tag (Alternate Text).
  3. If an image is also used as a link, make sure the alt text describes the graphic AND the link destination.
  4. Create a link to a video rather than embedding it on the web page.
  5. Filenames should be well-defined.
  6. Add content from PDFs, Powerpoints and other documents directly to the page; embedded docs cannot be read by screen-readers.
  7. Avoid link text that is ambiguous, like click here, more or continue.
  8. Use plain text, rather than an image that has text in it.
  9. Watch the use of CAPS.
  10. Schools should have a written policy on website accessibility posted on their site where it can be easily located
If you have immediate concerns or if there are specific requirements you are required to meet, please contact our Support Team.