Microsoft Integration Overview

If your organization uses Microsoft, there are a number of ways you can integrate those services with the Edlio CMS.

First, let's clear up some terminology.
  • Office 365 for Education is a suite of apps available to educators from Microsoft. 
  • Office 365 for Education is part of Azure, Microsoft's cloud computing service for businesses.
  • OneDrive stores documents, photos, videos and other files in the cloud. It is part of Office 365 for Education.
  • Outlook Calendar is the scheduling and calendar component of Outlook.
  • Outlook is an email app. Some people check their email through a version of Outlook installed on their computer. Some people check their email by opening Outlook in a web browser. 
  • Exchange is an email server that some organizations use to handle behind-the-scenes email tasks.

Microsoft single sign on / Azure Active Directory

Microsoft single sign on allows your teachers and staff to sign into your website's admin area using their Microsoft account information. This makes it easier for them to log in and easier for you to manage users. 

Microsoft Calendars

School Calendars in the Edlio CMS can import events from Microsoft Calendars. Once this is set up you can update and manage events in the Microsoft Calendar and the calendar on your website will update automatically.

Microsoft OneDrive

Your teachers and staff can upload files directly from OneDrive into the Edlio CMS.