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Microsoft Azure Single Sign On Setup

What is Microsoft Single Sign-On (Microsoft SSO)?

Microsoft SSO allows organizations that use Office 365 to login to the Edlio CMS using those same accounts. 

Why use Microsoft SSO?

Simplicity and Security. Reducing the number of passwords a user has and the number of locations in which a user is managed simplifies the entire administration. Microsoft's account security is quite good. Their two-factor authentication, password reset flows, and intrusion detection systems are impressive. 

How can I set up Microsoft SSO?

1. Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)

To use Microsoft SSO to log into the Edlio CMS, your organization first needs Azure Active Directory.
If your organization does not already have Azure AD then follow these instructions:

2. Azure AD Application

Once you have Azure AD set up then you'll need to create an Azure AD Application:
For Microsoft's Legacy version of Azure, use these instructions: Create Azure AD Application (2017) 
Before you begin, Contact Edlio Support to request the Reply URL you will need to enter while creating the Azure AD Application.