Features » Supply Lists » Publish or Unpublish Existing Supply Lists

Publish or Unpublish Existing Supply Lists

1. Navigate to Supply Lists

2. Select Publish or Unpublish from the Options menu for any list.

All “Published” lists will appear on your Edlio website at /apps/supplies.

“Ready to Publish” lists

We partner with a third party vendor called TeacherLists. If you or any teacher at your school has submitted a supply list to TeacherLists for this school year, it will be available in Edlio.
These lists are marked "Ready to Publish" and will not be visible on your public website until you publish them or add them to a page. (Don’t worry, you can always “Unpublish” them later if you wish.)

Publish all of your lists by clicking on the "Publish All Lists" button.

All of your lists will be publicly visible on your website.
Make sure your list in TeacherLists is for the current school year. Confirm that the list type is Supply List since Wish Lists are not imported.