Send text (SMS) alerts

1. On the top right side, click Send Message

2. Enter recipients

You may enter recipients in one or more ways:

  • type in individual phone numbers separated by commas,
  • type in the names of previously added contact lists separated by commas,
  • select one or more previously added contact lists from Add Existing dropdown menu,
  • upload one or more .csv files containing the phone numbers of your recipients by tapping Upload New, these will be saved for future use (find out more about .csv files).

3. Write your message

We’ve populated the name of your school/district so recipients know who is sending this alert, but you can delete or edit if you need to.

3. Send your text alert

Now you’re ready to send your alert. You can either Send Now or schedule it to Send Later.

6. View alert status

After you send your alert, you can see its status in the list of all text alerts. Refresh the page to see changes in status. If your alert is scheduled to be sent later, you have to the option to Edit or Cancel the message before it’s sent out.
Note: Text Alerts will only be sent to the first non-blank number for each contact in the following order: Cell, Phone 1, Phone 2.