Aeries Setup

Please follow the steps to create a digital certificate for Aeries API (needed for Edlio integration).

Steps to take on Aeries admin site

1) Login to your admin profile on Aeries.
2) Navigate to Security > API security on the side navigation panel. 
3) Select Add New Record and check the box for Display Certificate Details.
4) Enter the product name (e.g. Edlio) and set the status to Active.
5) Check all the permissions provided and click Add.
Make sure to scroll down and select permissions for Scheduling, Grade Reporting, etc.

Steps to take on the Edlio admin site

6) Navigate to Site Management > SIS Integration (If you cannot see SIS integration, please contact Edlio).
7) Choose Aeries in the dropdown menu.
10) Fill in the following fields:
  • School Code: This value can be found in the dropdown menu in your Aeries admin console. Copy the value and paste it in this field.
  • Certification: Copy the value for Certificate that was generated by following Steps 1 through 5 and paste it in this field.
  • Endpoint: Paste the URL of your Aeries admin console. Here are some examples:
8) Click on the "Save & Continue" button to save your settings.
9) Once the settings are saved, go ahead and sync the school you chose. You can always click the "Edit SIS Info" button to change the settings at any time.
It takes about 24 hours for the data between the 2 systems to sync.
To test the data after 24 hours, please read the steps in Importing SIS Data into Edlio Contact Lists.