PowerSchool Setup

Please follow the steps to create a digital certificate for PowerSchool API, a necessary step for Edlio integration.

Download the following plugin file for PowerSchool setup

The Edlio Powerschool Plugin 1.0 is not compatible with attendance-list updates, please install 4.0.0 below:

Steps to take on the PowerSchool admin site

1) Login to your PowerSchool admin console and navigate to Setup > System on the side navigation panel. 
2) Navigate to the Server section and click on System Settings.
3) Under System Settings, click on Plugin Management Configuration.
4) In the Plugin Management Dashboard, click on Install.
5) From the File Browser, choose the edlio_powerschool_plugin.zip file you have downloaded from the top of this page. Do not extract the contents of the zip before installing-- Powerschool plugins must be installed in the zip format! Install the plugin.
6) Once the plugin is installed, it will appear like this. Click on the checkbox to enable the plugin.
7) Select the Edlio SIS Integration plugin and click on Data Configuration. This contains all the information needed for configuring PowerSchool in your Edlio admin site.

Steps to take on the Edlio admin site

8) Go to Site Management > SIS Integration (If you cannot see SIS integration, please contact Edlio).
9) Choose PowerSchool in the dropdown menu.
10) Fill in the following fields:
  • Endpoint: Paste your school's PowerSchool URL (eg. https://partner3.powerschool.com/)
  • Client ID: Copy and paste the Client ID from Data Configuration in the PowerSchool admin site (see Step 7 above).
  • Client Secret: Copy and paste the Client Secret from Data Configuration in the PowerSchool admin site (see Step 7 above).
12) Select the "Find School" button. This brings up a dropdown menu where you can choose the school associated with this Edlio site. If you are a district, you will be able to save and sync all your child schools.
13) Click the "Save & Connect" button to save your settings.
14) Once the settings are saved, go ahead and sync the school you chose. You can always click "Edit SIS Info" button to change the settings at any time.
It takes about 24 hours for the data to sync between the two systems.
To test the data after 24 hours, please read the steps in Importing SIS Data into Edlio Contact Lists