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Supply Lists Overview

Supply Lists feature is a big time-saver for schools and families!


Easy, fast, and hassle-free to purchase supply lists

  1. Quickly find the right lists for your students on your school website.
  2. Use the “Add to cart” buttons to easily purchase all supplies from your favorite retailer, contact-free!
  3. Want to switch out an item? No problem! Swap out, add or remove any items in your cart before buying.

Teachers and Web Admins

Quickly add supply lists to your website

  1. Open any page in the page editor, add a Supply Lists page block, select lists and publish the page. 
  2. Open Supply Lists feature, publish any “ready to publish” lists, and upload new lists through TeacherLists. All published lists are available on your website, just add "/apps/supplies" to the end of website url.

Easily share with families through the Supply Lists feature

  1. Click the “Share Lists” button on the top right to share all lists.
  2. Click on "Share" in the options menu for any list to share that specific list.
  3. Click on any list to see list details. Click "Share" button on top right to share that specific list.

Multiple Sharing Options Available

  1. Add a link to supply lists anywhere using Copy link.
  2. Add supply lists to Site Navigation.
  3. Add a News story to your website announcing supply lists are available; includes ready-to-post news article text to make your job easy and fast! 
  4. Send a Broadcast letting people know supply lists are available; includes ready-to-send message text, push notifications through Access or School News App, and social media!
  5. Send a Newsletter to families; includes ready-to-send email text!