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Supply Lists on District Websites

District websites automatically show all supply lists published to schools within the district.
If you don't see Supply Lists feature on your site, check these reasons why it might not be available. Please note, districts must have at least one separate school website with an NCES ID on Edlio for Supply Lists to work.
In your district admin site, you'll see the lists for all schools in the district. Click the "School" column title to sort lists by which school they are for.
Just like on school admin sites, you can share supply lists, view items in the lists and publish/unpublish lists. 
When you change the list status (publish/unpublish) on a school or district site, it will automatically update the status on the other site too. (For example, if you publish a list on the district site it will publish the list to that school's site too.)
On the district website, you'll see supply lists for all schools.
And on the individual list page, the school name is prominently displayed for the family to easily confirm they're viewing the correct list.