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Best Practices for Teacher Pages

Check out these tips for a quick way to have a teacher page that's informative, dynamic, and draws in parents and students:
  • Post a bio and a profile photo so your students and families can get to know you and your experience.
  • Utilize posts and subscriptions to engage with families and keep them updated on what is happening every day or every week in your classroom.
  • Create classes and post syllabi/yearly overviews so students and parents always know what’s expected and what’s coming up.
  • Include a rubric library, standards list or grading information with your teacher pages.
  • Add assignments so students can print out resources and keep track of due dates.
  • Create photo galleries showcasing student work, projects and performances.
  • Upload videos so students can continue learning outside of the classroom (just make sure you have permission to post!).
  • Consider taking some simple steps to make your pages more accessible to all your students, parents and even grandparents.