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  • 32:01 Unleash the Power of Teacher Pages [Edlio Webinar]

    Want to boost parent/teacher engagement with our dynamic Teacher Pages feature? Join us for a practical and insightful webinar where we dive into real-life Teacher Pages created by your fellow Edlio users!

    You'll discover:
    - How you can best utilize our Personal/Teacher Pages feature
    - Strategies for captivating content, clear navigation, and impactful visuals.
    - Secret tips and tricks to maximize parent engagement and student communication.

    This webinar is for you if:
    - You're an Edlio website admin who wants to elevate your staff’s Teacher Pages OR you’d like to get your staff to start using Teacher Pages.
    - You're looking for creative ways to improve parent-teacher communication.
    - You're eager to learn best practices from inspiring examples.

    Uploaded Feb 20, 2024 by Edlio Administrator