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Accessible video and audio

There are three main methods that help make videos and audio accessible to everyone: captionstranscripts and audio descriptions.


Captions visually display the spoken words in a video at the same time they are said and are a key component of accessible videos. Edlio provides automatic closed caption generation for every video uploaded through the Videos feature as part of annual subscription. Simply upload your video, confirm the language spoken in the video, and Save. Allow up to an hour for the captions to appear in your video.
If the file is audio only then captions are not necessary, but transcripts are.


Transcripts allow people to read a text version of the content without playing the audio or video. Refreshable braille devices use transcripts to deliver video content. Additionally, transcripts give computers and search engines a way to search the content of the media, making your media easier to find.
Edlio's captioning service automatically populates the Transcript area for Video feature. Users can edit Transcripts after captioning generation completes. 

Audio descriptions

Audio descriptions provide additional information about what is visible on screen. If visual content is conveyed through audio, then there is no need to add audio descriptions.

Maximizing accessibility 

For content added through Edlio's Video feature:

Alt text

Be sure to add an alt text to every video and audio file. The alternative text is the perfect place to put a very brief (one-sentence) overview of the video content.
If Accessibility in Settings is turned on, video/audio files without alt text will not appear on public website.


Captions are generated automatically for videos and audio uploaded to the Edlio's Video feature.
Learn how to edit closed captions.
If Accessibility in Settings is turned on, video/audio files without captions will not appear on public website.


Transcripts will be populated by the automatic closed captioning generation. You can edit a Transcript once it has successfully populated.