Accessibility in Settings

For the schools and districts who would like to take a stricter approach to web content accessibility, Edlio has developed alerts in the admin interface, reminding users to put in alternative text and warning them when closed captioning has failed. (See examples of the warnings)
Before you enable the alt text setting, please review the following:
  • Any images and videos that are missing alt text will display a warning in the Edlio Admin site.
  • ALL images and videos without alt text, including photos in your homepage shuffle, will be hidden from the public website. This includes media you previously added to pages, posts, news, etc..
  • The system will prevent pages, posts, news, events and spotlight messages from saving until all images and videos on them have alt text.
To give your staff enough time to add alt text to important media, we recommend giving them 1-2 weeks advance notice before enabling this setting.

To turn on missing alt text warnings go to Site Management --> Settings.

In the Accessibility tab, check the box for "Enable ADA settings" and tap Save.

Remember to give your staff time to add alt text to important images before enabling this setting.

Missing alt text warnings will be seen in:

  • Pages
  • Posts
  • News
  • Calendar Events
  • Spotlight messages
  • Photo Albums
  • Shuffles
  • Videos
And here are a few examples of what the interface looks like when the alt text is missing: