Welcome to the Edlio content management system (CMS).
The CMS provides an easy way for you to create and manage the information on your organization's website. You can log into the CMS, also known as the admin area of your website, at the link provided to you during training.

Account access

Each user account can be granted individualized access to the features in the CMS. That means you only have to think about the parts of the website that are your responsibility. It also means that some of what you find here in the Edlio Help Center will not be relevant to your needs.

Edlio Help Center organization

The information here in Beginner will help you get started.
As you feel more confident in how the CMS works you may wish to learn about some of the more advanced capabilities available. You can read about those in the Advanced section.
Your account may have access to additional features as granted by your website administrator. Information about these additional features can be found in the Website Administrator section.

Back to School

Wondering what to do to get your Edlio pages and classes ready for the new school year?

If you have a brand new Edlio account read our tips for new teachers.

If you have an account set up from last year read our tips for returning teachers.


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