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Tips for New Teachers

  1. Add your picture
  2. Confirm your personal info on your profile
  3. Add a personal page
  4. Add the classes you will be teaching (Connect Google Classroom)
  5. Get your students’ parents ready for the school year, let them know about class/personal page subscriptions
  6. Add your first month's assignments
  7. Add posts to your page such as 1st day/week photos
  8. Upload Supply Lists for easy back-to-school shopping
  9. Watch/share past Edlio webinars, and look out for new webinars announced in Help Center and in Notifications
  10. Check out the newly updated Help Center for further information

Did you know...

  1. Supply Lists are available for quick and easy shopping for schools and families! Just upload, publish, and you're on your way!
  2. The Newsletter layout in Email Sender is now available to all users! Plug in stories from your News to keep your community in the loop about what's going on at your school.
  3. Embed PDFs into Pages and show the content of your PDFs directly on your pages! Upload a PDF through the Files block on Pages and choose the display size you want. Visitors can download, print, zoom in/out, etc. right on the page!