Website Administrators

Your organization's website plays a key role in reaching out to students, parents and the community. It presents your values to the world and can help build a strong supporter base.
One of the best ways to ensure that your audience stays engaged with your site is through regular content updates. Website administrators have access to all the features paid for by your organization. Please get in touch with us if you see something here that you'd like to add to your site.

Account access

The Edlio content management system (CMS) is designed to help you delegate sections of the website's upkeep to other individuals in your organization. Many hands make for light work.
Each user account can be granted individualized access to the features in the CMS. That means they only have to think about the parts of the website that are their responsibility. Learn more about about user management.

Edlio Help Center organization

Helping your staff learn about Edlio? Send them to the Beginner section to get started and then to the Advanced section to learn about more advanced capabilities.

Back to School

Wondering what to do to get your Edlio website ready for the new school year?

If you have a brand new Edlio account read our tips for new website administrators.

If you have an account set up from last year read our tips for returning website administrators.


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