Forms with Payments FAQs

This information is for schools in the US with OSP as their payment processor. For customers outside of the US or those using Stripe as their payment processor, please see the Stripe FAQs.


What is Forms with Payments? How is it different from the OSP by Edlio solution?

Edlio currently offers two ways to collect payments online. Forms with Payments is a module in your CMS where you can build forms and add payment fields for collecting fees and donations. Payments are processed through OSP (Edlio’s payment division) and logged in the CMS. There’s no additional annual fee to use this feature.

OSP by Edlio is a separate, full-suite solution for K-12 accounting and receipting. Stores created in the OSP platform are published on a separate website from your Edlio CMS site. OSP by Edlio includes multiple, purpose-built modules for teacher receipting, ticket management, and more, and is usually managed by school bookkeepers. OSP online stores are free (no annual fee), and other modules may be added for an additional charge.

How much extra is Forms with Payments?

The Forms with Payments module is free and included in your CMS solution! There is a transaction fee of 4% + $0.35 per transaction, similar to other online payment options. You can opt to pass these fees to the purchaser or absorb those costs yourself. It’s a simple setting that automatically applies to all payments you collect through Forms with Payments once you set it up.

Why should we use our Edlio website to collect payments?

In addition to all of the benefits of going paperless and cashless (no more checks buried in backpacks or collecting cash in person!), Forms with Payments is an easy way to put your website to work for you! Your visitors can securely make purchases or donate on your website without having to navigate to another site. Use our simple drag-and-drop editor to create forms for prom tickets, AP exam fees, senior dues, device fees…whatever you need to collect. Form responses and payment logs are all in the CMS with the rest of your website content.

How do I get started collecting payments?

You can start building forms with payment fields right now. Transactions will be processed and logged in your CMS. Once your collection amount hits $500, you will get a notification in the CMS directing you to our staff, who will help you sign a couple of documents to collect your funds.

I use Forms with Stripe as the payment processor. How do I switch to Forms with OSP?

Your Client Success Specialist can get you started.

How can I see how much money we’ve collected?

You’ll find sales summaries and complete transaction details with your form responses. You can also export reports for your bookkeeper.

Where do I go for support?

In addition to Technical Support and your Client Success Specialist, check our Help Center for how-to guides and videos. 

What are some common use cases for collecting payments?

Here are some common use cases for collecting payments using forms:
  • Field trips
  • School-branded items and apparel
  • Donations
  • Athletic events
  • AP exam fees
  • Yearbook orders
  • Prom tickets
  • Transcripts (no more money orders!)
  • Damaged device fees