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Stripe FAQ

What is Stripe?

Stripe is a payment processor. Payments collected through Forms are fully handled through Stripe across a secure connection.

How do I sign up for Stripe?

Follow the prompts from Settings→Payments in the Edlio CMS to sign up for Stripe or connect to an existing Stripe account.

How do I get the funds out of Stripe?

Similar to other payment processors, Stripe deposits the funds into your bank account on a particular schedule of your choosing (daily, weekly, monthly, or manually). Stripe refers to these fund transfers as payouts.
Stripe doesn't have an option to mail a check. For security purposes, Stripe only transfers funds to the verified bank account associated with your Stripe account.

What happens if a card is declined?

On the form itself, the person gets a notification that the card didn’t work. They can hit ok on the pop-up, change the card number & resubmit.
The form cannot be submitted until the transaction is successful.
Failed charge attempts don't show up in the Edlio CMS admin because the form data was never submitted.
But they do show up in Stripe as a failed or blocked charge attempt.

How do I know which Stripe transactions go with which form responses?

Each individual response in the Edlio CMS includes a Receipt ID that links directly to the corresponding transaction in Stripe.
In Stripe, each transaction includes metadata for the corresponding form response:
  • name of the form
  • school name
  • purchased items
  • respondent's confirmation email
  • link back to the corresponding form response in the Edlio CMS

In Stripe, is there a way to find all transactions for one form?

The description for each transaction includes the name of the form.
In Stripe, click Payments on the left menu. Then search by form name to display all the transactions for that form. 
Transactions can be exported to a spreadsheet if desired.

Is there a way to process refunds if necessary?

Yes. Refunds and all payment processing tasks are done through Stripe. It’s simple to refund through Stripe--just go to the transaction and click the Refund button. 
According to Stripe's documentation, "There are no fees to refund a charge, but the fees from the original charge are not returned."

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