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Troubleshooting Google Calendar Sync

If you encounter this error message when attempting to sync your Google calendar, it is possible that it's due to recent changes introduced by Google Workspace for Education

Google recently made age-based access restrictions in Google Workspace for Education.
Users who have not been designated as over 18 will automatically be defaulted as under 18 and experience restricted access to third-party apps. Consequently, if your Google Workspace account is designated as under 18, you will be unable to connect your Google calendar to the CMS.
You will need to sign in with an administrator account for Google Workspace for Education. 

Add Edlio Apps as an authorized third-party

1. Sign in to your Workspace account at
2. Go to "Security" → "Access and data control" → "API controls"
3. Navigate to "Manage Third-Party App Access"
4. Go to "Add app" → "OAuth App Name or Client ID"
5. In the "Search for OAth app name or client id" field search for “Edlio” and follow the steps for both "Edlio CMS" and "Edlio File Picker" apps.
6. Click on "Select" next to the app names, and then choose both OAuth Client IDs.
7. Proceed to the Scope screen and keep the option "all users" selected. Then, click on "Continue" to proceed.

8. On the "Access to Google Data" screen, choose the "Trusted" option and click "Continue".

9. On the Review screen, click "Finish".

To set permissions at the OU (Organizational Unit) level and designate user accounts linked to the school calendar as over-18, follow these steps:

The age-based access setting applies to the top-level organization. However, you can identify users, such as teachers and staff, as over or under the age of 18 by putting them in an organizational unit or access group and setting the correct age level.

1. Sign into your Workspace account at
2. Go to "Account" → Account Settings.
3. Choose the specific OU that contains the user account(s) you want to modify.
4. Go to "Age-based access settings".
5. Select the option that specifies, "All users in this group or org unit are 18 or older" and click "Save" to apply the age designation for the specified group or organizational unit.

After all of the above steps have been completed, disconnect your Google calendar and reconnect.