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Troubleshooting » Sign in with Google button is missing

Sign in with Google button is missing

When you go to the login URL for your website, do you see only the "Sign in as Super Administrator" option?
If so, your school is using Google single sign on (Google SSO) and the login button is being hidden by an ad blocker. Some ad blockers hide non-ad elements.
There are two approaches to solve this:
  1. Disable ad blocker 
  2. Whitelist the URL

Example of each solution on Adblock Plus

Disable ad blocker

  1. Go to your website's admin login page
  2. Click the ABP (Adblock Plus) icon in the browser address bar
  3. Click "Enabled on this site" so it becomes "Disabled on this site"
  4. Refresh the page

Whitelist the URL for your school website's admin

  1. Click the ABP icon in the browser address bar and select "Options"
  1. In ABP Settings go to "Whitelisted websites"
  1. Enter the URL of your school website's admin and click "Add website"
Hint: Copy the URL from the browser's address bar on the login page. Don't include the "/apps/login" part.
After refreshing the page you will see the Sign in with Google button.