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User Authentication with an Organizational Unit

This applies to schools & districts that use Google SSO, Microsoft SSO or LDAP.
If students or non-staff have accounts on your school's domain, you can prevent them from logging into the Edlio CMS.
Google, Microsoft, LDAP & other SSO services have a concept called "Organizational Units" (OU) that controls which accounts have access to which services.

To use an OU to control access to your website's CMS:

  1. In your SSO service set up an Organizational Unit for "Staff"
  2. Contact technical support with the name of the OU
  3. We'll set it up so only users in that OU can log in
Note that we can only do this for 1 OU. In other words, all Google users who should be able to access the CMS need to be in the same OU.