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Link an Instagram account to a Facebook page

To use Edlio's Social Media Manager or Broadcasts feature to post to Instagram, your school and/or district Instagram accounts must be associated with a Facebook Page. 
Only Professional Instagram Accounts (Creator or Business) can be associated with a Facebook Page.
This page contains instructions for linking your Professional Instagram Account with a Facebook Page. Before you begin, you will need a Facebook Page and a Professional Instagram account.
To add or remove an Instagram account from your Facebook page, you must be the admin of that page.

Connect Instagram to Facebook

1. Go to Facebook and log into the school's Facebook Page.

Make sure to "Select Profile" in the top right menu and choose the Facebook Page you want to connect to Instagram

2. In the top right menu, go to "Settings & Privacy" then select "Settings"

3. On the left menu, select "Linked Accounts"


4. Then select Instagram and click on the "Connect account" button.

You will be prompted to log into your Instagram account and connect it to the Facebook page.
More information on how to add an Instagram account to your Facebook Page can be found in Facebook's Help Center here.
Once the your Facebook and Instagram account are connected through Facebook, you can connect your Facebook Page and Instagram account to your Edlio website..