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Create forms which accept payments for items such as donations, fees, tickets and merchandise.
Payments is an add-on feature. If you'd like to add it to your site or find out more about pricing, please call 877-646-0500.

Advantages of Forms and Payments

  • Self-serve -- you can create and edit forms with payments at any time; no need to contact our support team.
  • Unlimited -- create as many forms, with or without payments, as you want.
  • Reporting -- easily view and manage form responses and see a sales summary of purchases.
  • Management -- change form options at any time to control who is notified of new responses, when the form opens and closes, and more.
  • Easy money -- money from purchases goes directly into your Stripe account. Transfer money to your bank account on the schedule you set, as frequently as every day. 

The payments enhancement adds three new form fields that you can add to any form:

  • Items -- to sell tickets, fees, or merchandise. Each item can include a title, description, image, purchase price, purchase quantities, available inventory and variations (such as small, medium, large).
  • Multiple choice -- great for donations or tiered pricing. Multiple choice provides suggested amounts to choose from along with optional descriptions for each level.
  • Open -- free-form payment option. Collect variable amounts such as donations or pay-what-you-can

Form payments uses Stripe for payment processing for several reasons:

  • Stripe is incredibly easy to set up, it only takes a few minutes to connect your bank account.
  • Stripe has no monthly fee.
  • Stripe provides an industry leading dashboard for managing payments and excellent accounting integration.